Evening snack

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Started feeling incredibly peckish after dinner so whipped up a quick fruit salad: 1 banana, a handful of purple grapes, 1 apple, 1 red pear and 1 orange. Chopped it all up and added a splash of Tropicana orange & lime to tie it all together. Oh my gosh this is yummy! And there's enough here for breakfast as well, I highly doubt I can eat such a massive bowl full of fruit on my own right now.

Going to be an early bird tomorrow and get up very early and take advantage of the leisure centre's early bird swim (06:30-09:30). I quite like the idea of getting the exercising out of the way first thing in the morning, then I can focus on my own stuff for the rest of the day. And I will most likely get a kid free swim, hoorah!

Oh and noticed a wonderful thing when I was browsing the leisure centre's website - if I join before 19th January I can get their membership without a joining fee! Going to make sure I take advantage of that wonderful offer tomorrow, seeing swimming for a member is £3 and non member £5.

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