Early bird my ass!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Well OK, I was up relatively early. My plan was to get up at 6am and be at the pool after 7am but guess what I did? I hit the snooze button a few times and then accidentally turned my alarm off completely! So ended up waking up at 7.30am, oops! I did get to the pool by 8.30 though so I still got a good 50min of swimming in. And it was so quiet! No kids screaming and jumping and splashing water everywhere when I'm trying to focus on getting my exercise in. <3

I asked about the membership when I was leaving and it turns out to be so expensive that it would be a waste of money to sign up for it. It's £380 a year, so let's say £32 a month (it's £38 a month normally but you get 2 months free). I'd still have to pay for my swimming which would cost me £3.10 a go. If I went once a week, that'd build up to £12.40 a month on top of my membership fee. If I just carried on going like this and paying the non-member cost (£4.90), I'd only be spending £19.40 a month. Guess which option I'm going for?

I'm sure the membership will be more cost efficient in the long run if you do more than just swim (it's got unlimited use of the centre's health & fitness suite) but at the moment for me it's just way too expensive. When I used to swim at a different leisure centre during my lunch hours at college, I only paid £20 a year for the membership. Sure I was a student but surely that didn't chip off several hundreds of pounds?

I was thinking of different rewards this morning as well. I'm absolutely awful when it comes to my hair, my hair colour rarely stays the same longer than a few months. So I've given myself a reward to work towards - when I get below 80kg, I'm going to allow myself to do a colour removal. I've already bought the kit so it will stare at me every time I go to the bathroom. I think I'll get a hair colour of my liking for the 75kg mark.

Oh and guess what happened to the fruit salad I made last night? I still had half a bowl left and I couldn't even eat half of that this morning. It was going bad already so just tossed the rest in the bin. Doh.

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