Disappointing workout today

Monday, January 14, 2013

It sucks very hard when you can't do everything in a workout. I mean I'm still a beginner on Jillian's level and I've accepted that, but still sucks! I did a "new" workout I haven't touched before, "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism". It's a circuit workout with 6 minute circuits and my god it's so hard.

I had to modify pretty much all of the moves, that's how tough this is. You get no rest between circuits and moves so it really makes your heartbeat go up. I even had to pretty much skip one circuit because the moves were so stressing on my back. You know when you start feeling aware of a body part, fort example when you've eaten something a bit dodgy your tummy sort of feels weird but you're not hurting or anything. That's the kind of feeling I had in my back so I decided it's better if I don't do the moves.

I did manage to get through the whole thing though which I'm pretty proud of. One thing really made me cringe though. The dvd has a little extra by Jillian, she talks about healthy lifestyle and so on. I thought that yeah go on then, I'll watch that while I stretch and catch my breath. And it pretty much turned out to be an Oral-B advert! It was all like "Take care of your oral health - swap your manual brush to a power one, like Oral-B!". Didn't take me long to turn the thing off. That little extra was clearly just made to advertise and it made me feel a bit dirty just for watching it.

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