Bye Noom, hello MyFitnessPal!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Looking for an up to date review of Noom? Please have a look at my updated version! - 15th Jan 2014

So remember me being all happy about Noom a few days ago? Well, it started annoying me. The forums were constantly down and even when they were up, I could only open one thread at a time and after that it would freeze. Also being able to only track 50, 100, 150 and 200 calories for most of my meals was very irritating, I'm too OCD to just have rough estimates!

So I downloaded MyFitnessPal. So far it looks so much better in every way. Doesn't seem to have a forum but I think I'll live without one. :) And instead of just saying 'coffee' or 'low fat milk' I actually get a proper database of food sold in the UK supermarkets. Very happy with this! And instead of Noom's rough estimate of 50kcal my morning coffee is only 20kcal. Makes me feel a bit less guilty about inhaling all this coffee.

Today is also my last workout before WI and rest day. Still trying to decide what to do. It's raining outside so it'll definitely be a Jillian workout, just don't know if I want to do 6 Week Six-Pack just to keep going with it or pick another dvd to get some change.

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  1. I'm on MyFitnesspal too!! Maybe we can be friends on there, if you're open to it!! My username is runner2runner!

    1. Oh I don't really use it much anymore, I just track my progress every week. :D Once I started getting used to my weekly intake of food I kinda stopped being so religious about tracking everything I eat. ^^