I seem to go from one bad thing to another again. 1½ weeks ago I started feeling this sudden pain in my left ankle when I was walking home from work. I didn't really think much of it, I just figured that I stepped funny and pulled a muscle slightly. But of course it wasn't just a pulled muscle. When is it honestly that simple?

The pain didn't get any better, and with my job it just wasn't going to either. I stand up for 10-12 hours a day and I also walk tons, so all I can think of is that my ankles have just been irritated because of that. I went to my GP to get it checked out, but to my disappointment all the doctor did was slightly poke the sides of my foot and give me a week off work and prescribed some Naproxen.

Now, I've been on Naproxen before. I used to take it like sweets for my back roughly a year ago, and my body must've grown resistant to it. My ankles started feeling slightly better during the week I had off, as all I did was sit down and watch TV and do bits and pieces on the computer. But the second I went back to work the pain just came straight back again. I tried getting through the days with painkillers and lots of sitting down, but the Naproxen just didn't help at all. Instead of helping with the pain they just made me feel really drowsy and miserable, so I headed back to my GP yesterday.

It always feels so reassuring, when the doctor actually takes their time to have a look at your injury when you're in pain. He carefully examined my entire leg to find the cause for my pains, and diagnosed it as tendonitis. He said it could also be the entire muscle in my leg, and unless the pain goes away on its own he recommended some physio at the local musculoskeletar unit. I do really hope it doesn't actually get to that. I also mentioned that the painkillers didn't help at all so now I have a huge box of co-codamol (you know, codeine) sitting on the desk. Fingers crossed these babies work better.

So what have I actually been up to lately? Honestly not a lot. The week I had off I just watched loads of nutrition related documentaries (mind blown by the way, I'll write about all that later) and just tried not to go insane. I would've loved to go for a walk several times when I was off, but I knew it'd be incredibly stupid to do so. The weather has been incredible over here lately, so just being stuck indoors has been horrible.

Oh and I cut my hair. Exciting right? :D


A slightly off topic post, but I'm sure you guys know I'm very into photography. ;)

I get the incredible pleasure of working with animals twice a week, when the Falconhigh guys have a display at my work. We also offer a chance for everyone to have their picture taken while holding an owl or a falcon, and ever since I started working there I've been the one charging in to do the photoshoots. I've been telling the guys that I'd come in on my day off to take photos of their birds when I get the chance, and I finally did! It was just absolute heaven for me, I got to sit there and watch the display and take photos at the same time. I took over 400 photos during that one hour slot, and ended up publishing 126.

The full album is viewable here, below some of my favourite shots. :)

Will my plans ever materialise?

Like I mentioned last week, I've chilled with my diet a little bit. I'm kinda regretting it right now as I feel like I can eat anything I want to (including some chocolate unfortunately)! I'm still slightly ill, nowhere near as bad as it was a week ago but I still get awful coughing and sneezing fits every now and then.

I haven't completely fallen off the wagon, though. I'm just such a foodie that I get quite creative with my dinners. :) I bought some puff pastry this week and turned it into salmon pockets tonight, they were absolutely amazing! I chopped a yellow pepper and red onion, fried the salmon and veg, added spices, a bit of sweet chilli sauce and a few tablespoons of creme fraiche and then divided the mix into four portions and loaded them on the pastry (+ 15 mins in the oven). All it needed with it was a fresh side salad.

I've also been thinking about my workouts a lot this week. With my work days being 10+ hours, I really don't find the energy for a workout in the evening when I get home. My only option to do any kinds of exercise is early morning before work - that'd mean getting up at seven at the latest so I can squeeze in 30-45 minutes of exercise before getting ready for work. I really don't like the idea of getting up so early but it's really the only way I could do it right now, so I suppose I just need to suck it up and actually start setting my alarm a lot earlier than I'm used to.

I mean I know I can lose the remaining weight just by eating right, but it won't give me the results I really want. To reach my ideal body I need the exercise to give me that shape I'm after. Jillian Michaels pretty much has my dream body, so that's what I'm aiming for.

So all I need now is to just get a grip and actually get up early in the mornings (and also fix our DVD player so I can do some workouts at home..).

How very Noomtastic!

I got a little pressie from Noom today! Thank you Sarah for the super awesome shirt, I love it! It'll be the perfect workout top in this heat, it's nice and light and the colour is so awesome (by the way, matches the new Noom look!). I also got a balloon, it has been a good source of entertainment for both me and my other half all afternoon.. :D

Also feeling very Dutch wearing all this orange haha!

I've had a very relaxed two days off from work. As I do work insanely hard, I just don't rush at all when I do get some time to myself. I'm still trying to recover from this stupid flu as well, so I didn't even bother going out for a walk. I've actually been doing quite a bit of drawing and painting again, one of the pieces being this World of Warcraft fanart piece I started last September and never finished!

We've also had this huge canvas just sitting in the lounge ever since we moved into this flat. I wanted to paint something and hang it on the wall above our dining table, but I just never quite had the inspiration for anything worth painting. I finally found some inspiration and I currently have half a painting drying on the dining table! Hopefully the other half will materialise soon enough so I can show you guys what I've been up to!

Painting is quite a therapeutic thing. It always lets me process some thoughts, just think about general stuff going on in my life and try and find answers to things that have puzzled me for ages. Today I was just thinking about motivation and how I keep it up weight loss wise. I actually surround myself with things that motivate me - pictures of healthy food and fit people, use apps that show me my progress, take pictures of myself and compare them to some older ones and most of all just talk to people about my goals and dreams! It's so great to chat to someone who knows what you're going through and can give some advice, it just gives that extra boost of motivation to keep going (especially when things are tough)!

I'm quite involved with social media, and I try to include all these fitness related things to my feeds. I follow several fitness pages on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter, I'm building a health & fitness board on Pinterest, I read fitness and weight loss related blogs and so on!

Do you have any motivational boosters?

Because you just can't have a good week!

Well the past week has definitely not gone my way in the slightest! Maybe my happy mood and gloating was far too much for some higher power, as I have been incredibly ill since publishing my last post haha!

It started out with just a simple sore throat, nothing I should've been worried about. But then my body temperature started climbing up and by Thursday morning I was pretty much bed bound because of it. Thankfully the fever dropped back down by Friday, I actually got an invite to a wedding reception and it would've killed me to miss it! I felt priviliged to be there for the happy couple's special day, they looked so incredibly happy and I wish both of them all the best. ♥ Can't wait to see all the wedding pictures.

The dress I bought for the wedding -  I actually had to go dress hunting between shifts on Friday (yeah, on the day of the wedding!!), it was far too stressful for my liking! :D

Because of this stupid cold / flu / spawn of something unpleasant I've decided to relax with this diet plan a little bit. The good thing about this plan is that I don't have to stress about the end date at all, so if I need to take a week "off" from it, I can. I don't think I should put my body through such a strict and calculated diet when it is run down by some bug. I'm obviously still eating very sensibly, I'm just adding more carbs and fats to my diet for now and return to the plan once I feel healthier again.

A very 'I feel sorry for myself' type of meal last week - Chicken Amaras (sweet, mango based curry), pilau rice, sag aloo and a naan bread.

This is the type of plan that starts at set dates throughout the year, and all the people taking part have the chance to chat on a forum specific for that group. We actually have a Facebook group going on as well, and I've seen a lot of people say that they've fallen ill since starting the plan. Not sure if it's just coincidence or if this is our bodies' way of reacting to the new way of eating. But then again, I've been eating pretty similar to this for a very long time ande my body should already be used to it surely?

I was actually preparing myself to go to the doctor's today, as my tonsils would not settle down. I actually survived through the weekend with the help of a lot of painkillers to keep the swelling down, but thankfully it seems like they're starting to get back to normal now. I actually had tonsilitis for over a month a few years ago, was so worried I'd have to go through that nightmare again.

Oh and before I forget! My first Noom Voices article was published earlier this week! I'm so proud to be a part of the Noomily, can't wait to get started with my next article! My plan with these journal articles is to talk about the ups and downs of weight loss - and I think I know exactly what to talk about in my next one! ;)